Couple and family counselling in Lyon

Several kinds of consultations

I am available to consult on personal, marital or family life, and can provide one-on-one, couple, or group sessions depending on preference.

One-on-one phone or video consultations can be arranged for individual clients who are unable, due to location or timing issues, to attend an appointment in Lyon, France.

  • Individual consultations lasts 45 minutes and costs 40€

  • Couple or family consultations lasts 1 hour and costs 50€.

  • A long distance individual consultation (tel/video) lasts 45 minutes and costs 40€.

If, due to financial circumstances, you can't afford my fees, please don't hesitate to contact me.

I am able to speak in French, English, and Thai (ไทย) and can understand Spanish.

Individual consultation


You can consult a couple and family counsellor on an individual basis, whatever your marital status.

Do you want to explore your personal, emotional or relational life?

Are you single and unhappy about it?

Have you experienced a break-up?

Do you feel a lack of stability?

Do you wish to talk privately about your couple or your sex life?

Do you want to talk about an abortion or a miscarriage?

Do you have to make a decision about your professional or family life?

Do you want to reflect on your own identity?

Are you looking for a place where your emotions can be listened to?

A relationship counsellor can help you to assess your situation, find any problems and previous causes of failure, and redirect your own life.

Couple consultation

Couples counselling enables a couple to re-establish communication, in a neutral, amiable and non-violent setting.

It provides the opportunity for each individual to express his or her frustrations, desires, feelings of unfairness, and other issues.

A relationship hurdle can become a springboard, a moment of truth and an opportunity to for a couple to grow and evolve. It is a chance to learn how to accept each other as he or she is, and to find your place, where you will be accepted as you are, with your own needs and values.

But it can sometimes be that a separation is unavoidable: in these situations a relationship counsellor can help you to listen to each other and to offer support in a trying situation. If the break-up is unavoidable, couple consultation can help you to make it through this time with mutual respect, and to lay the foundations of your own future reconstruction.

A relationship counsellor's purpose is to help you to take stock of the situation, discern what to do, express your resentment and deep desires, and to understand how you came to be in this situation.

She can help you adjust your relationship in a way that each individual has some space to be himself or herself.

Family consultation

Two to three members of a family can attend a family counselling session. You can bring your child, your parent(s) or any other member of the family.

The family consultation is a place to both talk and listen for every member of the family, with respect for everyone’s own identity, values, beliefs and choices.

The family counsellor's mission is to generate a non-violent dialogue, and to support you in discovering your own solutions.

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